Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis oil)


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100% pure Cannabis Oil extracted from top quality marijuana, laboratory tested. This oil is good for pain,cancers,insomnia and others diseases We do the extraction method that Rick Simpson recommence to bring you the finest quality of Cannabis Oil available. Our cannabis oil is packaged in plastic syringes and capsules for easy dispensing. Order as many as you want.  For the dosage start with 1 drop of the oil (or a 10mg serving)for 10 days in the evening. Then double that (or 20mgs) for the next 10 days. Every 10 days up the dose by another drop(or another 10mg) and do it for no less than 10 days each time you increase the dosage. This may take you a few weeks to work up to an entire gram recommended daily dosage. Add product to chart to continue with your shopping.

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