Destroyer Cannabiogen Seeds



This a deservedly popular strain with plenty to offer beginners, connoisseurs and everybody in between. It is easy to grow and delivers a high best described as ‘the most fun you can have with marijuana’ – an understandable favorite with our regulars and a great first foray into the 420 worlds

Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer feminized weed seeds are a 100% Sativa, no-holds-barred type of strain. Brimming with psychoactive power, she is a mix of Meao Thai crossed with a Mexican/Colombian hybrid – an extreme feat of meticulous breeding considering her 7-year development.

Reputedly a strain that represents the subtleties of the best Sativa on the market, Destroyer has more than made a mark in the cannabis world. A fascinating floral fiesta of aromas, she is as delicately scented as she is devastatingly powerful – harboring nuances of lavender and rosemary to disguise her dark side. She serves up a potent, clear and cerebral buzz that is long-lasting and extremely pleasurable but can catch the uninitiated a little off guard.

Something of a slow burner, Destroyer takes 12 – 14 weeks to flower, although cannabis connoisseurs with a fondness for pure Sativa specimens will understand that this is the road to real quality. In terms of yields, Destroyer produces medium/high quantities largely dependant on the climate and conditions. Experienced growers who are able to cultivate outdoors stand to gain a bit extra for their troubles