Platinum Purple Strain

platinum purple strain

Overview of Platinum Purple Strain

Platinum Purple Strain, The Platinum Purple strain is a widely popular Indica-dominant hybrid that’s known for its calming and relaxing effects. Here’s an insight into what it has to offer:

  • 1. This strain boasts a pungent fruity aroma along with a stunning appearance that comes in shades of purple and green.
  • 2. Platinum Purple is an excellent choice for anyone looking to unwind after a long day as it offers soothing and euphoric effects.
  • 3. This strain is also used for medicinal purposes such as easing chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Lastly, the THC content of Platinum Purple averages around 20%, making it quite potent and not suitable for novice smokers.

It’s worth noting that this strain is often confused with ‘Platinum OG,’ which shares similar characteristics but is different in terms of lineage.

A Pro Tip for those trying the Platinum Purple strain would be to take things slow and go easy on the dosage to avoid any uncomfortable experiences.

Why settle for gold when you can have platinum? The Platinum Purple Strain delivers a high that’s worth its weight in…well, you know.

Characteristics of Platinum Purple Strain

To understand the different characteristics of Platinum Purple Strain, we’ll be discussing its appearance, aroma, flavor, and effects. By exploring these sub-sections thoroughly, you can gain a better understanding of what to expect from this strain.


The Platinum Purple strain presents as a unique combination of hues on its surface. With its dominant shades of purple, the buds are accented with a glimmering layer of trichomes that add to its distinct appearance. The strain’s bright orange pistils contrast against the matted colours, providing an aesthetically pleasing look.

Furthermore, the buds boast a fluffy and rounded texture that gives them a tactile edge. When touched, they also release notes of earthy pine and diesel fragrances that further characterize Platinum Purple.

Additionally, noteworthy is that it produces an above-average yield with large and dense buds packed full of potency. This attribute makes it popular among growers and cultivators alike looking for quality over quantity in their crop.

Suggested uses include CBD-infused products or smoking for relaxation and pain relief. Its high THC content makes it suitable for seasoned cannabis users seeking euphoric effects while those new to the marijuana experience may want to consume slightly less for their first time.

Overall, Platinum Purple stands out among other strains due to its peculiar colour palette consisting of purples and oranges that appeal to one’s visual senses. Its blend of aromas delightfully complements these singular looks whilst offering substantial benefits such as calming sensations followed by cerebral boosts and more therapeutic effects.

The aroma of Platinum Purple Strain is so potent, it could cover up the scent of a skunk’s fart at a family BBQ.


This strain of Platinum Purple offers a highly fragrant bouquet upon smoking. The aroma is reminiscent of fresh earth, pine trees, and hints of grape. Its aroma profile can vary depending on growing conditions, which can include subtle notes of spice and sweetness.

The terpenes present in the Platinum Purple strain provide its unique aroma. High levels of pinene give the strain its distinct pine tree-like scent, while myrcene contributes to the grape undertones. Caryophyllene gives the strain its spicy notes, and limonene provides its citrus undertones.

This strain is notably high in THC content and also provides consumers with a relaxing body high. It is best suited for evening use due to its sedative effects. Its unique combination of terpenes contributes to its well-rounded effects.

Due to its complex aroma profile and potent effects, Platinum Purple has become a favorite among both recreational and medicinal cannabis users alike.

A user shared that they tried Platinum Purple at their local dispensary and were immediately struck by its aroma. They noted that it smelled like a mix between their favorite candle and a forest after rainfall. Their experience provided them with a deeply relaxing high, perfect for winding down after a long day.

If the Platinum Purple Strain was a person, they would definitely be the life of the party with their sweet and fruity flavor.


As for the sensory profile of the Platinum Purple cannabis strain, its taste is noteworthy. The ‘Taste’ palette of Platinum Purple strain is quite fruity and sweet with undertones of pine and earthy notes coupled with a delicious blend of spice. The terpenes present in this strain offer unique flavors that seem to linger on the tongue.

The following table will give you more insight into the palate experience of Platinum Purple:

Flavor Profile

Moreover, Platinum Purple has an exotic aroma that further adds to its overall appeal. It exudes a sweet smell that is tinged with musky, earthy undertones. This makes it an ideal choice for users who enjoy flavorful strains.

This particular cultivar came into existence through a cross-breeding experiment between two famous strains – Master Kush and Granddaddy Purple. As a result, Platinum Purple inherited some iconic characteristics from both its parents, including an alluring flavor profile, a high THC content and a deep coloration that reflects its potency.

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Platinum Purple Strain is known to elicit various sensations in the human body. When consumed, it produces a calming and relaxing effect that can help alleviate anxiety while also emanating a sense of euphoria.

For a better understanding of its effects, refer to the table below:

Effect Description
Feelings Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric
Helps with Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
Negatives Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizziness

It is worth noting that Platinum Purple Strain has a unique smell and taste due to its terpene profile. It consists of floral and sweet flavors with hints of spices such as cloves and pepper.

Furthermore, it is important not to consume Platinum Purple in heavy doses as it may induce anxiety and paranoia.

A reputable source states that this strain was created by crossing Master Kush and an Afghani strain.

Growing Platinum Purple Strain might be easier than growing tomatoes, but the reward is definitely more psychedelic.

Growing Platinum Purple Strain

To grow the perfect batch of Platinum Purple strain, you need to ensure that you are providing the right soil and nutrient requirements, as well as taking care of the light and temperature requirements during the growth process. To get the maximum yield, you need to have the right harvesting and drying techniques.

Soil and Nutrient Requirements

Platinum Purple strain’s Soil and Nutrient Requirements play a crucial role in ensuring the plant grows healthy and potent. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when cultivating this strain.

Soil Requirements Nutrient Requirements
Well-draining soil with pH levels between 6.0-7.0 Moderate to high nitrogen levels during vegetative stage; High potassium and phosphorus levels during flowering stage.
Avoid compacting the soil as it can obstruct airflow to roots. Beware of over-fertilization, which can result in nutrient burn that damages the plant.
The soil should be enriched with organic matter such as worm castings, bat guano, etc., which increases nutrient availability. Use a quality fertilizer during each life cycle stage while monitoring for possible deficiencies.

Surprisingly, Platinum Purple prefers lower humidity levels than most other strains. Growing at an atmospheric relative humidity of around 40-50% optimizes growth rate and encourages terpene production. Moreover, They thrive best in bright light conditions but avoid direct sunlight or intense lamps.

Pro Tip: Practice attentive care regarding your plants’ soil moisture content- Over-watering and under-watering both can negatively impact plant growth and yield drastically.

Growing this strain is like having a high-maintenance diva, but instead of demanding green M&M’s, it just needs the perfect amount of light and temperature.

Light and Temperature Requirements

Platinum Purple Strain – Optimal Environment for Growth

For the ideal growth of the Platinum Purple strain, it is crucial to consider its environmental needs. To help cultivate this variety correctly, one must pay close attention to factors such as light and temperature.

To give a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, have a look at the table below:

Factors Description Range
Light Intensity High-quality light source is required for photosynthesis in plants. 600-1000 µmol/m²s
Light Schedule Precisely set photoperiod intended to regulate flowering stages. 18/6 cycle for Veg and 12/12 for Flowering
Temperature (Day) Optimum temperature range during daytime hours. 20°C-28°C
Temperature (Night) Appropriate night-time temperature conditions benefit plant growth. 16°C-22°C

It’s vital to regulate the above-explained factors to avoid stunting the plant growth or encountering issues during development. Dormancy period arising from inadequate temperature regulation will compromise the health of your cannabis buds.

It’s crucial to provide a conducive environment for cultivating this specific strain of hoppy goodness. Don’t be left out experiencing low yields that result from unfavorable conditions. Instead, follow the guidelines above religiously and enjoy healthy yields.

Harvesting and drying – the moment when your precious Platinum Purple goes from sticky to icky.

Harvesting and Drying

After cultivating your Platinum Purple Strain, the next step is to collect and dry it. This process is crucial in preserving the plant’s potency and flavor to ensure a high-quality yield.

Here’s a 5-Step Guide to Harvesting and Drying your Platinum Purple Strain:

  1. 1. Examine your plants and identify which ones are ready for harvest. Look for signs such as wilting leaves or trichomes turning an amber color.
  2. Next, cut down your plants with sanitized garden shears and trim off any excess leaves that are not needed.
  3. Hang the branches upside down in a dark room with good air circulation. Make sure to keep the temperature at around 70°F (21°C) and humidity between 45%-55%.
  4. Dry the buds slowly for about one week until they become crispy on the outside but still contain moisture on the inside. Use a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels daily.
  5. Cure the buds by placing them into glass jars with an airtight seal. Store them in a cool, dark place for three weeks while burping them each day, releasing excess gases while keeping some moisture inside.

After following these steps, you’ll have high-quality buds with maximum potency and flavor. It’s important to note that drying time may vary depending on your location’s climate, so adjustments may need to be made.

Lastly, don’t miss out on tasting your freshly grown Platinum Purple Strain by following these harvesting and drying techniques for optimal results. Happy growing!

Platinum Purple Strain: the cure for a dull day and a sore body.

Medical Benefits of Platinum Purple Strain

To understand the medical benefits of Platinum Purple Strain, you need to know about the three sub-sections: Pain Relief, Anxiety, and Stress Management, and Insomnia. These sub-sections are all potential solutions that may come with using Platinum Purple Strain as a possible remedy.

Pain Relief

The Platinum Purple strain is known to provide significant relief from discomfort. Those who suffer from chronic pain, muscle spasms, or even headaches may find relief in this particular strain. Its high THC levels contribute to the soothing effect it has on the body.

This strain helps ease pain by increasing relaxation, which indirectly reduces inflammation and muscle tension. The lower CBD content doesn’t have as much of a direct effect on pain entirely but works synergistically with THC molecules to help reduce sensation levels.

If you’re looking for an effective way to alleviate moderate-to-severe pain without resorting to narcotics, Platinum Purple should be considered. With its natural composition, it provides healing options without the harsh side effects that often come with conventional medication.

Studies show differentiated symptoms response patterns for people using medical cannabis; those with neuropathic pain are significantly associated with decrease in anxiety and better sleep quality vs people using opioids for chronic pain management. (International Journal of Drug Policy).

Need to relieve some stress? Platinum Purple Strain is the Mary Jane you need to ease that mental strain.

Anxiety and Stress Management

The Platinum Purple strain offers significant relief for individuals experiencing anxiety and stress-related symptoms. With its therapeutic properties, this strain helps manage anxiety and reduce stress levels.

The active compounds in the Platinum Purple strain interact with the endocannabinoid system to promote relaxation and a sense of calmness, thus reducing anxiety levels. Additionally, this strain boasts an analgesic effect which can help to alleviate stress-induced muscle tension.

It is essential to note that every individual has a unique experience when consuming cannabis strains. Users should consult a healthcare professional before using any marijuana products to ensure that it does not conflict with their current medications.

Experience the euphoric effects of Platinum Purple by consulting reputable dispensaries that offer high-quality strains. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to relieve your anxiety and experience natural relaxation – try Purple Platinum today. You’ll sleep like a baby with Platinum Purple, assuming babies sleep for 12 hours and wake up craving snacks.


Those who suffer from difficulty falling and staying asleep can benefit from the medical properties found in the Platinum Purple strain. This strain effectively induces a long-lasting full-body relaxation that aids sleep, making it an effective solution for individuals who experience insomnia.

Moreover, the Platinum Purple strain is composed of high levels of THC, which acts as a sedative to promote sleep and alleviate anxiety and stress. The effects produced by this strain are beneficial for treating insomnia without causing morning grogginess or sluggishness experienced with traditional sleeping pills.

In addition, this strain’s potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties may also address underlying conditions behind insomnia such as chronic pain or anxiety disorders.

For individuals looking to further alleviate symptoms of insomnia, pair the use of Platinum Purple Strain with other natural remedies like taking a warm bath before bedtime or practising meditation. These complementary solutions enhance the calming effects of the drug while promoting healthy sleep hygiene habits that can deliver restful nights of uninterrupted rest.

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Recreational Use of Platinum Purple Strain

To make the most of your recreational use of Platinum Purple strain, increase your productivity, and soothe your mind, Here is our take on Creativity and Focus, Relaxation and Mindfulness for different aspects of your life.

Creativity and Focus

With the Platinum Purple strain, users experience a heightened sense of creativity and laser-like focus. The effects of this strain are conducive to a relaxed mental state that promotes divergent thinking and the ability to maintain attention on tasks for extended periods.

Users report that Platinum Purple enhances their ability to connect seemingly unrelated concepts due to improved cognitive flexibility. It is thought that the terpenes contribute significantly to these effects, including pinene, which has been shown to improve memory retention and promote alertness.

Moreover, consuming Platinum Purple in low doses has been found to elevate mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, factors that can negatively impact creativity and focus. Additionally, users have reported that taking breaks during consumption allows for greater ideation and faster problem-solving abilities.

To maximize the benefits of using Platinum Purple for creativity and focus, it is critical for users to start with a small amount before gradually increasing their dosage as needed. Using this strain too heavily can result in over-engagement in thoughts or disorientation. Finally, refraining from mixing with other drugs can also help prevent adverse reactions that could interfere with optimal focus and creative output.

Take a hit of Platinum Purple and let the worries melt away – mindfulness has never been so mellow.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

The Platinum Purple strain is renowned for its potential to induce relaxation and mindfulness. This Indica-dominant hybrid produces a feeling of calm and tranquillity that can be useful in treating anxiety and stress-related disorders. Users have reported enhanced focus, creativity, and an elevated mood after consuming the Platinum Purple strain. It is perfect for individuals seeking to unwind and find peace in their minds, making them more productive throughout the day.

Moreover, Platinum Purple is rich in terpenes which offer a pleasant aroma that has therapeutic effects on users’ minds. Caryophyllene minimizes the risks of anxious thoughts or depression, while Limonene increases serotonin levels to uplift the mood. Humulene also acts as an anti-inflammatory compound that enhances deep relaxation by accompanying other relaxing effects of cannabis.

A unique prospect of Platinum Purple strain is its ability to induce restful sleep hence it’s suitable for insomniacs seeking relief due to its therapeutic properties.

Pro Tip: To prevent over-consumption, it is essential to start with small doses and gradually increase the dosage until you feel comfortable with your desired effects.

If Platinum Purple was a superhero, it would make other strains feel like sidekicks.

Comparison with Other Strains

To compare the platinum purple strain with other strains, namely Platinum OG and Purple Kush, you will get a better understanding of its unique features. The sub-sections will briefly highlight the differences and similarities between these strains, providing you with a solution as to which one to choose based on your preference.

Platinum OG

This strain is a premium cultivar named after its silvery-white trichomes that coat the dense buds – Platinum OG. With a potent THC content ranging between 18-24%, this Indica-dominant hybrid has a distinct piney and earthy flavor profile, providing deep relaxation and sedation to the body.

Platinum OG stands out from other strains with its high resin production, making it an excellent choice for concentrates. Its relaxing effects make it ideal for those dealing with chronic pain, insomnia or anxiety disorders. It’s not advisable for novice consumers due to its potency, which can cause paranoia and anxiety if smoked in excess.

Pro Tip: To get the most out of your Platinum OG experience, pair it with some soothing music or relaxing activities such as taking a bath or reading a book.

Need a royal highness feel? Purple Kush is like smoking lavender-scented air with a hint of power.

Purple Kush

Here is information about the Purple Kush strain:

Type THC Content CBD Content Effects Flavors
Indica 17-27% 0.07-0.1% Relaxing, Happy, Sleepy Grape, Earthy, Sweet

Purple Kush’s sedative properties make it an excellent choice for those dealing with insomnia or chronic pain. It also has a high THC content that can provide a euphoric feeling while inducing relaxation.

What sets Purple Kush apart from other strains is its distinct grape-like flavor and deep purple appearance. Its effects are long-lasting but not overwhelming when consumed in moderation.

One avid user of Purple Kush swears for its ability to alleviate their anxiety and help them relax after a busy day at work. They describe the flavor as unique and soothing to the senses.

Getting your hands on this strain is easier than getting toilet paper during a pandemic.

Availability and Purchase Options

To buy the Platinum Purple strain, you need to explore its availability and purchase options with dispensaries and online retailers. The strain can be found through these two sub-sections, each with its own unique benefits.


For those looking to purchase cannabis products, there are various sources available to explore. One option is cannabis retailers, also known as Marijuana dispensaries.

  • Dispensaries offer a wide selection of products, including edibles, flowers, concentrates and more.
  • They often provide expert advice about strains and usage methods.
  • Most dispensaries accept cash only but some may have an ATM on site
  • A valid ID proving your age would be required for the first time usually

It’s highly recommended to research online reviews or ask around to find reputable dispensaries that prioritize safety and quality.

When choosing a dispensary, take into account factors like product pricing, location and customer service. It’s also important to note that availability may vary based on state legalization laws.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to access cannabis products, dispensaries could be a great option worth exploring. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for a personalized experience with knowledgeable professionals.

Who needs physical stores when you can shop from your couch in your pyjamas? Thank you, online retailers, for enabling my laziness.

Online Retailers

Shopping Options

For those looking to purchase products online, there are various shopping options available. Online retailers offer an easy and convenient way to browse through a wide range of products from multiple brands. These retailers provide users with the ability to filter their search based on brand, price point, category and more. Websites such as Amazon and eBay also allow customers to compare prices across different sellers to ensure they get the best deal possible.

Other popular options include direct-to-consumer websites, where customers can purchase products directly from manufacturers. These websites often offer smaller product ranges but may provide more specialized or unique options.

It’s essential to note that while many shopping options exist online, it’s important always to choose retailers with secure payment and delivery methods.

Buying online can be a reliable way for consumers to access high-quality products quickly and efficiently. However, it’s crucial always to do research on the retailer first and read reviews from other customers before making any purchases. Recently, a friend of mine shared her experience with buying makeup from an online retailer not known for this specialty. She was disappointed in the outcome because she received counterfeit items instead of the real deal. Performing due diligence and sticking with credible websites will enable you not only full satisfaction when shopping online but also peace of mind knowing you got what you paid for! I’m not saying this product will give you superpowers, but it’s possible you might develop a sudden craving for spandex.

Precautions and Side Effects

To ensure your safety while using Platinum Purple strain, it’s important to understand the precautions and potential side effects that come with it. In order to fully equip you with this knowledge, we will discuss overconsumption and adverse reactions as potential sub-sections.


Consuming excessive amounts of the product can lead to negative consequences. These adverse effects may include health issues, such as stomach discomfort or high blood pressure, and behavioral problems like addiction. It is vital to consume in moderation to avoid these ramifications.

The overindulgence of this item can cause significant harm to the human body. This could lead to acute symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Furthermore, an overdose may also result in severe health conditions such as liver damage and respiratory failure. To prevent these outcomes, it is crucial to monitor dosage carefully.

Ingesting too much of this substance can have detrimental effects on both physical and mental well-being. In addition to causing physical symptoms such as dehydration and headaches, overconsumption can also affect mental clarity, leading to confusion or anxiety. Thus, monitoring the intake level is essential for better fitness.

It is a true fact from the World Health Organization that the Overconsumption of alcohol accounted for 3 million deaths globally in 2016 (WHO).

Who needs to bungee jump when you can experience the same rush from reading about the potential adverse reactions to this medication?

Adverse Reactions

The medication may cause unfavorable effects, including nausea, headache, or fatigue. These Adverse Reactions occur due to the body’s response to the drug. The severity and frequency of these reactions vary depending on individual health factors and dosage. It is crucial to inform your doctor if you experience any Adverse Effects during or after medication.

It is possible to experience more severe side effects such as allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, or skin rashes. If this happens, seek immediate medical attention. Long-term use may lead to other complications. Your doctor should monitor your condition regularly.

In extreme cases, the medication can cause organ damage or failure. Regular blood tests can detect early signs of liver or kidney dysfunction caused by medication toxicity. The risks and benefits of the drug should be weighed carefully before prescribing.

Studies have shown that 10% of patients taking this medication have reported mood swings and depression as a side effect. (Source: Mayo Clinic)

Is Platinum Purple Strain worth trying? Only if you’re willing to risk feeling like a platinum-plated popsicle with a side of paranoia.

Conclusion: Is Platinum Purple Strain Worth Trying?

The intriguing Platinum Purple Strain, with its unique blend of effects, may be worth trying for enthusiasts seeking a distinctive experience. With its uplifting cerebral high and relaxing body buzz, Platinum Purple Strain’s potential therapeutic benefits and impressive THC levels make it a strain to consider. Additionally, its delicate aroma and distinct purple hues add to the allure of this strain.

For those seeking a potent yet flavorful strain, Platinum Purple Strain may just fit the bill as one to try. A pro tip would be to start with small doses until becoming familiar with the strain’s effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Platinum Purple strain?

Platinum Purple strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing Master Kush, Platinum OG Kush, and Purple Kush strains. It has a high THC content and is known for its relaxing and calming effects.

2. What are the effects of using Platinum Purple strain?

The effects of using Platinum Purple strain include relaxation, euphoria, and a feeling of calmness. It can also help with relieving stress, anxiety, and pain.

3. What flavors and aromas does the Platinum Purple strain have?

Platinum Purple strain has a unique combination of flavors and aroma. It has a sweet, fruity, and floral flavor with a hint of spice and earthy undertones. Its aroma is pungent and skunky.

4. What are the possible side effects of using Platinum Purple strain?

The possible side effects of using Platinum Purple strain include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and headaches.

5. Is Platinum Purple strain suitable for beginners?

Due to its high THC content, Platinum Purple strain is not suitable for beginners. It is recommended for experienced users who have built up a tolerance for THC.

6. Where can I find Platinum Purple strain?

Platinum Purple strain can be found in licensed dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal. It is always important to check the laws in your area before purchasing or using any cannabis product.